To See Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan has different weather, sometime, it is raining in Bali or Lombok but Gili Trawangan keeps sunny so tourist still can enjoy the beauty of beach. The sea water is still very clear with beautiful blue tone gradation, under the sea, there are many incredible marine biota. From seashore, you can see Agung Mount in Bali and Rinjani Mount in Lombok from far.

Presean (stick fighting).
Presean or Stick Fighting is a traditional martial art from Sasak Tribe in Lombok that often perform in Gili Trawangan, exactly, it is around Pasar Seni Area. Presean is two fighters, which is called in Sasak as “Perpadu” and a referee as “ Pakembar”. Pepadu equiped with a rattan stick , which is called as “Pakembar” and a shield that made from leather, which is called as “Ende”. While perform, this extreme art will accompanied by Lombok traditional music, which is called “Beleganjur” and a comentator with loud speaker to make this performance merrier.

Both fighters are the choice from Sasak Tribe for person who has extra guts and also superfine physic because this art is an extreme sport and very danger, sometime fighter got serious injured and much bleds. Truly, this art is one of traditional ceremony to ask for rain, reputedly, more bleds will give more rain.

Currently, Presean art is packed in interesting way to attract tourists, even audience is allowed to join, as long as they dare for this art. This art tells about sportsmanship, although fighters fight until get injure but there is no tempers beside laugh, funny expression and dance among the fight.

Turtle Conservation.
Not far from Gili Trawangan port, there is turtle conservation area. This is baby turtle will raise then return to the sea so they can grow up and breed, it is very good environmental preservation effort. While return the turtle into the sea, usually they also perform traditional ceremony, which is very attractive for tourist while they visit Gili Trawangan.

Those baby turtles are placed on some big aquarium so tourist can watch them well from top or side part.

Sunset View.
Sunset View is a place in west of Gili Trawangan, which is suitable to see beautiful sunset. In afternoon, this place will be crowded with local or foreign tourists, who sit and wait for sunset. There are shops that sell snack and drink to accompany while waiting for sunset. You can go to this place by foot, bike or Cidomo cart horse. Make sure for not miss one of the beauty and exoticism from Gili Trawangan.

Live Music.
Some cafes and bars provide live music, they play modern music top 40 or reggae music to accompany you enjoying night life in Gili Trawangan.

There are many places that provide movie play on beach, it can be from TV or big screen to play variety movies. Most of them are no charge fee for entrance as long as you purchase drink.


"Diving, Gili trawangan is the best spot to do diving in Lombok Island. Gili Trawangan is a coral island, you can get underwater beauty scene just right few steps in front of you"

"Eating, Gili Trawangan is a haven for culinary tourism especially in the evenings time. Many Restaurant available with a wide selection of menu varies to choose at will" 

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"Blue water beach is right in front of you.."

"Gili Trawangan Turtle Conservation sponsored by Garuda Indonesia Airways.."

"Travelers waiting for the sunset at Sunset View Gili Trawangan.."

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