Diving Shop Gili Trawangan

Gili trawangan is a heaven for underwater adventure, many diving operators with international standard in here. Not just for professionale but also for beginners, who want to learn, wonít have any difficulty with guidance from experienced instructurs that has certificate from PADI. Also for diving equipments rental is provided by each diving operater service, also shop for diving equipment for you who want to own it.

Following is some diving operators, shops & instructur in Gili Trawangan:


Villa Ombak Diving Academy
It is a part of service from Villa Ombak Hotel, this five-star Diving Shop offers everything for you, such as international certificate instructur from ISSI & PADI, new and innovated equipment such as for increasing your adrenaline with night diving.

Blue Marlin Dive
It is one of the oldest diving operator in Gili Trawangan. With PADI & ISSI certificate, they also have well maintain equipment. Blue Marlin Dive has big size swimming pool that often use as practice, arena for beginners, also complete diving equipment store.

Manta Dive
With foreign instructur and international certification, Manta Dive Diving Academy also has international certificate to give practice for children. They also have branch office in Gili Air and other facilities such as diving equipment store, lodging/bungalow, free WIFI & bar.

Big Bubble Diving
This diving operator has succeded to build good reputation in their customers. Big Bubble owned and operated by British, has international certificate and operator that is speaking English and France well. Provide with a big pool and also bungalow.

Dream Divers
Owned and operated by Germany, Dream Divers becomes a favorite for tourist who comes from German and surround countries.

Trawangan Dive
They has new equipment, boat in good condition and salty swimming pool for practice. Trawangan Dive also has bungalow facility with AC, LCD TV, DVD Player & hot water shower.

Gili Divers
Has PADI & ISSI international certificare, new equipment, also snrkling package for you who donít want to dive. Gili Divers also can serve trip to Komodo Island.

Bee Diver
Bee Diver is a diving service from Queen Villas & Spa, a luxury hotel in Gili Trawangan. It has big swimming pool for simulation before do real diving.

Aquaddiction Dive
A small dive shop but it also has PADI & ISSI international certificate. Provide underwater video equipment for you who want to capture your diving moment with your family or friend.

Lutwala Dive
Established on 2009, Lutwala has PADI certificate, is specializing for small group divers who want to enjoy underwater nature silently without tight schedule.

Freedive Gili
Freedive Gili is sepcialized on free diving and well-known from customerís satisfaction. In here, you will teach how to take a breathe and hold it for a quite long time while enjoying underwater beauty. Support with yoga technique to practice your breathing technique and body calming from competent yoga instructor, you will get other experience beside regular diving.

Villa Almarik Dive
It is a part of service from Villa Almarik Gili Trawangan.


Buddha Dive
Buddha Dive and Resort is an alternative dive shop in Gili Trawangan, provide with resort and big size swimming pool, this place was known as Dive Indonesia Bungalows.


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